Dragons Academy

Mission: Growing the game of Golf starting with our Juniors

The Dragons Academy is a program that is not just golf focused but also focuses on the athletic development of a child. Junior golf programs need to be built around a child’s learning ability. There are too many junior golf schools that are developed with an adult mindset. Teaching children and teaching adults are two different approaches. Junior programs need to focus on developing a child’s athletic ability, golf specific skills, leadership skills, characteristic skills and also have mastery goals that they can work towards.

Junior Program Philosophy:

The future of golf, both as a game and as an industry, lie in the junior golfer of today.  While the junior golfer is important to this future, more important is the overall personal growth and influence that a positive junior golf program can hold for a youngster.  Golf is an endeavor that produces character, sportsmanship and pride.  It can give a young person an identity, provide them with friendship and teach them a healthy competitive attitude.  Therefore, Total Golf Performance Centers will never lose sight of the positive life skills and personal growth that the game of golf can give to each participating junior.

Junior Program Goals and Objectives:

Golf as a skill - Learning the technique necessary to play the game at an enjoyable level is an important part of any junior program.
Golf as a sport - The overall goal is to teach the junior golfer that golf is a lifetime game that anyone can play and enjoy.
Self discipline & motivation - In order to improve and reach a certain level of proficiency, a youngster must learn the value of practice and dedication.
Competition - Competition is a part of life and golf affords a youngster the chance to learn the lessons of competition from a positive and sensible perspective.
Goals for Juniors:  “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement”.  –  Brian Tracy

Methods of Instruction

The most important aspect of this program is to enable each student to achieve his/her personal best through four primary instructional areas:  

  • Rules of Golf
  • Swing Fundamentals
  • Course Management
  • Personal Confidence & Advancement

Teaching junior golfers how to adequately use the Rules of Golf as well as on-course rules clinics and basic fundamentals of grip, stance, aim, and the swing will also be included.  Instructing juniors on “professional-like” behavior and respect for the game will be an important overview of this program.  As always, sportsmanship, honesty, and respect for opponents will be discussed in relation to both playing golf and real life situations.