First we will analyze your personal game and extract what exact issues you need working on the most. Based on your needs, we will do various drills interspersed with constant mental tips. The lessons will be built around improving all areas of your game with focused attention to your weaknesses. Whether it's distance off the tee, accuracy on approaches or better putts around the green, I can help with specific work to make you better based on your unique needs.

You have the option of working on specific parts of your game with me such as putting, chipping, sand shots or driving. Locations could be at the driving range, at the practice greens or elsewhere. Another option would be to play an entire round with me as your caddie and swing coach. This option would be the most in depth and most certainly lead to the greatest improvement in your game. In this scenario I will ride along and take shots along side you analyzing what you need to think about and plan for in order to execute the correct shot given the circumstances.

"I'm just a beginner so Josh has been a Great patient instructor! " - S. Curry

"Prior to taking lessons from Josh, my handicap had gone from a 35 to a 42.   I was struggling and frustrated with my game. Last fall, I took several lessons working with my woods, Irons, chipping and putting.  I am now back to a 28 and expect to get better.   Josh is a great instructor and very easy to understand.  I had taken lessons in the past, but they were not as effective. Now I enjoy playing again and look forward to improving my game."

K. Denham

​With our offerings we are able to help every adult meet their golfing goals.  Whether you are just needing a quick tune up, looking to make this your best year ever, want to finally get custom fit for equipment that fits the swing you have, or just want to find the right ball for you, we can get you to your goal.

Initial Evaluation: 

($150.00 Special/ Regularly $225.00)

​​​~9- holes of Golf

~Full swing video analysis                             

​~30 minute lesson

​​We Provide:

​~Individual Lessons - click here for rates

​~Lesson Membership -

​     a) ​two one hour individual lessons per week for 4 weeks

​     b) $200.00

​     c) ​V1 digital software and Flightscope Launch Monitor used to better show swing mechanics/Impact Dynamics.

- Club fitting & Ball Fittings Available!


"After my first lesson with Josh, and his giving me two simple swing thoughts, I proceeded to go out and shoot a round of 75!!
Of course, I expect after my next lesson that I'll shoot even par!!" - T. Wood